There's another purse!

I made another purse for a kind lady.

It somehow fits the autumn weather with its colourful leaves everywhere, doesn't it!?
The golden green buttons are vintage. I found them in a little shop that sells vintage and antique stuff.

I took the chance and remade my pattern to be able to sew purses faster from now on without measure again and again. My pattern used to be from my first purse trial and had lots of messy alteration marks. Now it's clean, easy to understand (even after some weeks and months which sometimes isn't the case with my patterns I have to admit). So now I really can rely on the pattern and work fast.

I also used my hand carved "Hand & Heart" stamp (oh well, handmade charme of a carving beginner but somehow I still like it) and solvent stamp ink (from StazOn which works pretty well).


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