It's so sunny outside. I wish I could go have some fun in the sun. But right now it's not possible for me. Anyways: This is a s... [...]

Yesterday I drove my bike through what felt like the whole city, haha. Lots of people surely say it wasn't that far but for somebody sp... [...]

These are three small bags I made recently. The outer part of each is made with ruffled fabric but the inner one isn't.  ... [...]

I don't smoke so it was a little challenge to make these tobacco bags. Really how shall you know all the sizes of tobacco packs and e... [...]

Hello everybody. After a long time of stagnation I wanted to upload some additional items I made. This blog was silent for such a long time... [...]

As Spring is knocking on our doors now I woke up my indoor plants, too. Cut old branches, got rid of old soil, etc. . All my plants are ... [...]

I'm with my family right now which is really relaxing. Some days ago I travelled to Liberec in Czech Republic together with my dad. Ther... [...]

Here's the next piece of baby clothes I made: a kimono jacket. The pattern is from the same issue of Burda as the pants I posted yesterd... [...]

After months of abandoning the blog I'm back. The semester's over so I have some free time now, which I of course cram with lots of ... [...]

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