Storing dried herbs

As Spring is knocking on our doors now I woke up my indoor plants, too. Cut old branches, got rid of old soil, etc. .

All my plants are herbs so I dried the leaves from the cut branches instead of throwing them away. While doing that I had the idea to make little bags to store the dried herbs in them. And as I had some free days I had the time for it on my hands.

They are completely hand sewn. I didn't use the sewing machine at all because I somehow was in a hand stitching and hand sewing mood. For me this together with an interesting audiobook is great to relax.

I stitched the herbs' names onto the tags and then attached them to the bags. In the end I decided to embroider them with some thin colored thread stitches in blue and orange.

The letters are stitched without pre-drawing them so the kerning is a little off. No good looked at it with a typographic eye but well, this makes it somehow special, haha.

Have a great Friday and week-end everyone!


PS.: Did you see? I finally changed my layout. I wasn't that happy with the old one so I had to do something about it.
The header has a slider function now, yippieh. So be patient and have a look at it for some seconds and see what happens. <3


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