Last baby clothes post for now

Here's the last part of my making-baby-clothes-addiction some time ago: bib, pants and shoes.

Making the bib was easy.
I was lucky to find those nice pirate fabrics. At first I thought it would be quite difficult to find good fabrics for a boy. It's so much easier for girls as there's more variety in girly prints. But once I was into it, it wasn't as hard anymore and I had fun looking for fabrics.

I ironed a washable foil  on one side, so my sister-in-law can easily wash any spots of meals away.

Here's a print close-up:

These are the first pants I made. They are made with a more straight pattern then the blue corduroy ones I posted some time ago.

And here are some soft shoes:

That wasn't easy. Everything was so tiny and for me it was the first time ever to make shoes.
But in the end it worked out.

Right now I'm still knitting. It takes a lot of time but it's nice to do while watching movies.


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