I made two mini stalls to display some of my goods. To make them I used cardboard boxes again. I hope it won't be windy so that the... [...]

Here's something else I made for next weekend's Christmas market. Signs to advertise our booth. Not everything is finished yet. (An... [...]

I'm preparing for Christmas market right now. For the stand I'm going to have with 3 friends next weekend I made little bunnies that... [...]

I finished some snails!  Well no, I just think they look fun being curled up like a snake. Yesterday I made those two long lanyard keychai... [...]

I made another purse for a kind lady. It somehow fits the autumn weather with its colourful leaves everywhere, doesn't it!? The gol... [...]

I'm so late again. Sorry. My excuse is I was nearly a whole week in Frankfurt where I worked for the book fair. It was pretty cool. Be... [...]

Sorry for the delay. I was kinda busy with moving into a new flat but now everything is done. There's still chaos around me and I don... [...]

These are my latest sketchbooks. I think when i made the covers for them I was inspired by Harry Potter. there was that book with claws,... [...]

Yesterday evening I finally sewed something I wanted to sew for ages. Do you know the problem of needles lying everywhere when you sew and ... [...]

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