About keyrings and lanyard keychains

Some days ago I finally got my "metal" aka. rivets and swivel snaps. I ordered them online and waited quite some time for them to arrive.

But when they did arrive I was able to make some keyrings. It's a good way to use little left over scraps I didn't want to throw away. Now they find their use at least!

I'm thinking about making some more for a little Christmas market in ym city because I decided to sell my handmade goods there.
Do you think I should make more like that? Or do you have any suggestions how to alter them? I'm open for ideas!

Maybe I make some longer ones that can be used as a lanyard keychain.

The short ones are more for decoration and well, cute accessory.

See it in use:

The one in the front has a pirate theme. I bought the treasure map fabric for some childs' clothes I wanted to make. (I surely post them soon but before I finally have to give them to the person I made them for.)

And as there of course are little left overs I used it for this keychain.


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