Pencil box covers

Sorry for the delay. I was kinda busy with moving into a new flat but now everything is done. There's still chaos around me and I don't have internet (I'm sitting in university right now) but it feels good to have a new cozy home anyways.

Before moving I looked at my pencil boxes which were Hello Kitty and some random drink and I thought I really don't like them anymore. So I decided to make something to cover that old stuff up with something new and pretty. It was done pretty fast and now I like the boxes again.<3

Those are the covers up side down and in the back there are the old boxes I wanted to cover up.

 One square
 and one round.
I just sewed some little pieces of fabric onto each other and embroidered some parts with colourful stitching thread.

Doesn't it look a lot nicer now? I really love it.


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