Written preparations

Here's something else I made for next weekend's Christmas market. Signs to advertise our booth.
Not everything is finished yet.
(And sorry for so much different lightning in the photos.)

Looking at it I wanna do it again with better spacing, haha...but I don't have enough cardboard boxes anymore. And I have to concentrate on other things today.

Something else I sewed are little people keyring pendants.

Lately I really love to make those pendants, don't I? Always posting stuff with swivel snaps. But I ordered quite a bunch of them so I should use them properly.
Hopefully I'll be able to sell them, too.

They have a little piece of leather on the head to secure them to the swivel snap.

I'm preparing 3 additional ones for next weekend.

Now to the last words in this post ...
I wish you all a wonderful 3rd advent today!


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