Bunnies x 4

I'm preparing for Christmas market right now. For the stand I'm going to have with 3 friends next weekend I made little bunnies that you can use as a keyring pendant.

I started making them waaay back in time, hehe. When it still was warm and I sat in a park with some friends. But somehow it took me until now to finish them. It's completely hand sewn, no sewing machine at all because like that I had better control while sewing the shape. I always used one solid and one patterned fabric for every bunny.

Slowly Christmas mood is arriving at my flat. I have a little colorful (plastic) tree, an advent calendar and today I baked cookies, hooray! It isn't that easy for me because I only have a very very small oven where just half a pizza or two baked rolls fit in. So it takes some time to make a lot of cookies but the time was worth it.


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