Sewing for the rights of women

I didn't write anything for such a long time.
But now I'm back with an important post.

Yesterday there was a party.
But I didn't go even everybody else seemed to be there.

I was at home sewing a doll for Amnesty International all evening.

I can't spend much money for organisations because I don't have it but I thought I can help with this at least.
All over the world women have to suffer from violence against them. For the upcoming World Women's Day Amnesty International's project is to make people realise this, not to turn away anymore but do something against it.
Realising it with the help of those "cruel game" dolls.

So I helped them make one of those dolls with a special pattern that's available on their website.

I'm going to send my doll to them very soon.

If you are also able to sew it would be a great opportunity to help!


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