Sewing for the little ones.

After months of abandoning the blog I'm back. The semester's over so I have some free time now, which I of course cram with lots of other stuff, hehe. But I definitely find some time to write here.
I made lots of things during the last few months but just didn't find the time to post them. So now I try to catch up with everything.

I start with some pants I made for my sister-in-law's baby boy. He was born last October and really is such a cutie<3.

Two underpants made of jersey. I had fun with attaching the appliqués.

When you start to make baby clothes you just can't stop. At least it was the case with me. It really made me procrastinating and push everything else away in my head, haha.

Pants made of soft baby corduroy.

I sewed a robot-fabric tape onto it. So maybe the boy will become a technics and robots fan. (Just kidding.)
The pattern for this is from an issue of BURDA. But I just copied it at a friend's house and can't remember the number.

I really look forward to that time in the future where I can make clothes for my own children.


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