A short trip, wool and yarn

I'm with my family right now which is really relaxing. Some days ago I travelled to Liberec in Czech Republic together with my dad. There we went to a paper and arts supply shop in which he always bought materials some years ago. And the store is still pretty awesome. They had lots of interesting stuff and I bought quite a lot. The great thing is, that it wasn't even expensive! In Germany paper and pens can get pretty expensive when you wanna have something special.

Some of the things I bought.

I really enjoyed the day in Liberec. It's a pretty city with an amazing town house. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of that. Last time I was there I visited a museum which was also great.
This time I also went to a fabric store but it was a little difficult because I don't speak Czech and the sales women didn't speak English or German. They just laughed strangely all the time. So I ended up with buying nothing.

Last week I finally started something I wanted to do for ages: Knitting. It seems to be quite a trend all over the world right now (or is it just Europe? I'm not sure.)
My mum showed me how to do it after my looking at knitting books didn't bring me any further. Why is it that such explanations are always difficult to understand?

Now I make my first project: a warm head band.

And because that's not enough crafty-ness I cross-stiched quite a bit.

 Lots of yarn from grandma.

Made some heart pins and an all-over-stiched pin. Just the pin at the back is missing because I don't have them where I'm now.

It's a beautiful day today. I hope the same for your place. Anyways enjoy the day!


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