White-Blue Flower Dress

Sometimes you don't need to sew something from complete scratch but can work on something that's already there. That's what I did to sew this dress.

The wonderful blue flower cotton was chosen by my dear grandma. She made a knee-length skirt out of it years ago. When I got my hands on it I was pretty happy as it was a wonderful wide skirt. Wide at  the bottom but also a little too wide at the waist. So I took the waist in some cm to fit my body.

I also attached an upper part and made a dress out of the skirt. 

A cute detail are those leaves near the neckline.

 The white fabric is stretchy. I struggled a little with the non-stretch cotton and the upper stretchy part but worked it out in the end.

Click for bigger and sharper picture. :) Don't know why the preview is so blurred.


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