I looked through old photos and found the following there:

Several months ago I made this purse for my best friend. It was an interesting work for me because it was the first time sewing with dederon. This is the fabric of which GDR was made of, hihi. No, but well, lots of aprons were made of this back then and my family kept some of them. Now they don't need the aprons anymore so I took them because of the pretty patterns. It was easier than I thought. My sewing machine doesn't like every fabric so I was a little ancious but everything went smooth and I had fun sewing.

The logo is the one I used but now I think about a new one saying "hand and heart". It's the name of my blog so it also should be my "label's" name.
Maybe  I can carve it out of an earser and stamp it with waterproof color onto a piece of fabric.
I read about doing so in a handmade magazine times ago. I should try it.

And some days ago I met a very nice sales person in a shop who is actually a student and who said she liked my portemonnaie. I was very happy. We talked a little and are now in contact. In the end of the week I made a personal portemonnaie for her.

Flowers, pearls, camel color and golden buttons.


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