Double layered purse

Some time ago I made my first double layered purse. I saw an African one while browsing the internet and wanted to make my own, too.

It wasn't as easy as I thought but after some thinking I came up with a pattern and started cutting, pearl stitching and sewing.

This is what I made, not African at all but lots of pink and flowers:

It has two pockets to open, one in the upper part and the other in the lower part of the purse.
The lower one contains 8 slots for cards.


 The part in the back is for papers and coins. The coins can be stored in a zippered pocket.

And that's me and the size of the purse. Perfect size for my things to fit in.

I really love the vintage fabric I used on it. I have quite a lot of vintage fabrics I got from various relatives and friends. They are so beautiful. Nowadays such pretty fabrics are expensive so I can't often afford to buy as many new ones as I'd like so it's good to have some for backup.

But somehow I like the idea of working with fabric that's not available in the store anymore. It makes everything I make even more special in my eyes.


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