Is it a book? No, it's a purse!

Yesterday I met a dear friend of mine for a sewing afternoon. It was so much fun and we talked a lot. We are friends for three years now but almost lost contact and then we met again at the festival I wrote about in a former entry. So we had much to talk about of course.

She is a genius in making book purses out of vintage books and has her own online shop: Blue Lilium.
Please visit her site!
She showed me how to make such a pretty purse. It isn't easy at all! But now I have a very beautiful bag:

I showed her how to make a make up bag with my technique and this is the pretty result:

(photo credit goes to her)
I think we both learned a lot from each other and will do this again.<3


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  1. Valeria says:

    Die Tasche sieht wirklich süß aus :)
    Für mich als "Nähanfängerin" ist es noch unvorstellbar, wie man sowas näht haha

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