Maxi dress for summer days

Last summer you could buy maxi dresses in every store. I really liked the style of them but I'm way too short to wear the ones in the store.

Actually lots of clothes doesn't fit me because I'm just 150cm (4'9''). That's also a reason why I'm sewing so much, hehe. As sometimes I can't find fitting items in the stores I started to make them myself. And as other petites maybe know it's not just that clothes are too long and can easily be shortened it's also a problem that they often don't fit in the proportions as petite ones are just different. So altering them sometimes can be quite time consuming and annoying.

Back to the maxi dresses I was talking about: I like them a lot. One option was to buy one with a high waistline and shorten it but when I was looking around a fabric store I found some cheap, pretty and light fabric that was ideal for a maxi dress.
So I decided to make one on my own. I needed more fabric for it as I'm used to. Normally it doesn't matter whether I sew a dress, skirt or shirt 1 m of fabric is enough for it. But for this I bought 2 m.

And that's the result:

I sewed a short underdress into the inside so it isn't that sheer in the upper part.

Pretty blue retro buttons.

Smogged in the back to make it elastic and comfortable at the same time.

The pattern for the upper part is an altered one from BURDA style magazine, the rest doesn't really need a pattern at all.


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